About the low power laser pointer

Post on: March 03,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

Since 2012, the red/green 5mw laser pen is still the classic and hottest home laser pointer.

It is more powerful than a Level 2 laser pointer and is only suitable for voice prompts. It is also safer than a Level 4 high power laser pointer.

Since the power output is stronger than 1mw or below, this 5mw red/green laser pointer can be used in many places: pointing, funny cats, fun, camping, etc.

Another reason why it is very popular is easy to get, you can find it in most online stores or local stores.

The 5mw laser pen with a powerful 18650 battery also has excellent performance.

It can shoot 5 miles or more at night, when you want to point to distant objects, or just for fun, it's great, it's a very good price cool gadget experience.

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