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More and more people are interested in laser pointers, and many people have purchased laser pointers.
Sometimes using a laser pointer can cause some problems, such as poor air quality and air turbidity. The lens of the laser pointer has higher requirements for cleanliness. So if the lens glue is dusty, the laser will scatter and will not concentrate. The laser pointer's beam range is also shorter.

When choosing a laser pointer, it is important to get a genuine laser pointer with a reliable warranty. No matter what kind of problems occur during the use of the laser pointer, just contact customer service and you will get the most satisfactory solution during the warranty period.

There are two main points to using a laser pointer at the same time:

  1. The working temperature is low, the laser pointer will start to slow down, because the laser pen has high temperature and air requirements, the laser pointer is prone to two points or the light is dim. As the temperature increases, the light from the laser pointer becomes better and clearer.

  2. Unstable crystal structure. The latter two problems are minor issues, and the user only needs to clean and replace the laser lens. The most serious is that there is no lighting. Due to the operation error, the lens is completely damaged, then only a new one can be purchased again.

Therefore, when you receive the laser pointer, you must first check the quality of the laser pointer, and then sign it.

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