About the high power blue laser pointer

Post on: March 29,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

The blue laser pointer is actually the ideal tool for burning items. By adjusting the focal length of the laser beam, a powerful laser can ignite matches, paper or other flammable objects, just like a lighter can do, but with a burning laser, you will It is something that can light a certain distance without being turned off.

There are countless reports criticizing the dangers of high-power laser pointers on the human body. I insist that anything that can burn a fire is at the same level of danger. A normal lighter or knife is also harmful to humans, but this does not mean that people should not use it. These tools, great power tools pose a greater danger, and the right thing to do is the most important thing before using a burning tool.

In fact, a level 3 or 4 laser pointer is dangerous when the laser is illuminated or reflected into the human body, especially the eyes.
The higher the power, the shorter the exposure time that causes damage. Avoiding a laser beam like a flame will make you feel safe. As long as you need to stare at the shiny laser for a long time, professional laser goggles can keep your eyes safe.

Class 4 laser pointers are ideal for use as a combustion tool. Compared to a green or red laser pointer, the blue laser beam is dim but more powerful and can burn objects.

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