About teh laser style of QK-DS6

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This type of laser pointer, we currently have 14 models of this type of laser pen, blue(405nm, 450nm, 488nm), red(638nm), green(505nm, 510nm, 520nm, 530nm). They are all very high quality products.

The power is also a minimum of 1000 mW and a maximum of 10,000 mW. The power of this model is really not that I am bragging. It is really high power. I won't regret it when I buy it.
Laser Pointer Pen High Power Beam Light, it produces a laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy.

The feel is super good, the size is just right, the matte shell looks good.

In order to satisfy the pursuit of high power burning laser pointers by laser lovers, we have developed this type laser pointers. And the price is very affordable. There is no virtual height, it is very suitable for customers who try to buy, the key will not let you down.

If you want to know more about this product, please click this link: https://www.widelasers.com/s/index.html?search_kw=QK-DS6

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