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   Most people are surprised at the relationship between the laser pointer power and the output power and wavelength of the laser. What color laser pointer is the most powerful? Laser pointers of different wavelengths emit different power and energy even at the same output power.

   First: The larger the laser divergence angle, the closer the target distance. Low-beam divergent lasers point better than large divergent lasers. In the same light emitting area, a longer laser pointer has a larger laser divergence angle. Therefore, red lasers have longer beam visibility than infrared lasers. However, different types of laser pointers produce different mechanisms. The output power is difficult to achieve the same light emitting area. For example, an 808 nm infrared laser has a larger light emitting area than a 980 nm infrared laser. At the same output power, the 808 nm infrared laser has a larger laser beam divergence angle than the 980 nm infrared laser pointer.

   Two:  Near-field laser radiation damage is the corresponding long-distance damage. When the parallelism of lasers is the same, high power lasers of different wavelengths have different focus limits. For example, the focal length limit of a 1064 nm infrared laser is 20 times the focal length limit of a 532nm green laser. In other words, the intensity of the 532 nm green laser per unit area is 20 times stronger than the 1064 nm infrared laser with the same output power. In general, long-wavelength lasers have greater focal limits than low-power lasers.

   Third: The intense laser beam has caused damage to the human eye or the skin. The low penetration laser pointer has better performance in terms of laser energy density. However, there is no absolute relationship between laser wavelength and transmittance. Among all visible lasers, long wavelength laser pointers have better penetration than short wavelength lasers. However, in long-wavelength infrared lasers, there is a significant thermal effect and the penetration strength becomes weaker. CO2 lasers can engrave glass, but 532nm green lasers cannot.

   Four: Different color objects have very significant differences in the absorption ability of different wavelength lasers. The absorption of the same color is the worst, which is related to white. However, the absorption of colored objects is the most obvious. For example, a green laser pointer can easily light the game, but lighting the green head game is more laborious.

   Fiver: This section mainly introduces ultraviolet rays. Because the UV laser has high photon energy, the target can be ionized. For organic life, the ionizing effect of UV lasers can destroy the activity of various proteins and enzymes, which is the principle of UV disinfection.

   Therefore, UV laser is undoubtedly the strongest laser among various wavelengths.

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