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Little assistant for presentation

Post on: November 16,2020
With the advancement of technology, the use of laser pointers has become more and more extensive, not only for lighting in life, but also for daily work.Whether you are a teacher, a trainer, or a business person, as long as you use a presentation, you must need a laser pointer, which not only can completely free you from the computer, but also has a delicate appearance and is easy to carry.It is portable red laser pointer pen will be an excellent indicator to replace pointers.It is not only compact, lightweight and easy to use, but also can be used in many occasions, such as scientific research institutes, government agencies, intelligence-intensive enterprises, training centers, Used in hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, bidding and other occasions.At the same time, the wireless laser pointer is also an essential accessory and the best promotional gift for projectors and notebook computers.Its output power is 5mW, it emits a red beam light, the laser range is about 15 miles, it combines the latest technology of green laser optics and microelectronics, it is highly practical and easy to operate.The most important thing is that the price is still very affordable. If you are an excellent speaker, what are you waiting for?

How to choose the best handheld laser pointer

Post on: November 15,2020
If you are a buyer of a laser pen, you will find changes in laser color, output power, design features, visibility differences and accessories.Finding the right handheld laser for your application may be difficult.Here, we will learn some basic knowledge of lasers and how to consider using different lasers according to individual needs.Visible laser indicators usually vary from 405nm (violet) to 650nm (red). Most hand-held lasers you may be familiar with are in the visible range. The brightest color of the human eye is 532nm green light.Therefore, at the same output power, the brightness of the green laser will be 5 to 7 times higher than that of any other laser color.Therefore, the brightness of 200MW green 532nm laser indicator will be 7 times higher than that of 200MW 405nm purple laser and 5 times higher than that of red or blue laser.If you have ever worked in the laser market, you may be familiar with the fact that lasers of certain intensity or higher have certain combustion capacity.The burning laser will be able to light matches, eject balloons, cut electronic tape, etch certain types of wood, fuses, etc.However, the intensity of the laser determines the combustion ability of a single laser, not the color. light beamThe blue laser above 1000 MW is most suitable for combustion.The higher the power, the stronger the combustion ability.If you are looking for a burning hand-held laser, make sure that the laser indicator you purchased is a high-power laser indicator.Finally, widelaser provides the best service and even higher quality laser pen. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Different Laser Pointers Features

Post on: October 23,2020
If you are looking for a high-power laser pointer, there is no doubt that you will find many strengths and colors to choose from.But what about the different laser pointer functions? What is wrong killing and what is wise? Can I apply for specific features?Let's take a look at the most common laser safety and usage features, what they do, and why you should not look for them.When you can actually control the required beam width, you can aim at objects with greater precision over longer or shorter distances.Because the beam of the aiming beam will widen as the beam moves outward, being able to make the beam thin will keep the beam longer. This is very useful for many different applications when you reduce the difference.This is particularly important for combustion lasers.Now, no matter how you focus in a short distance, a laser of 500 MW or higher can "burn", but if you are trying to launch a balloon from 50 feet away, you need to make sure that the beam is well focused and increase the burning heat as much as possible. strength.Here, the use of focusable elements will be very different.Various lasers will have a key switch locking mechanism, unless the key is connected and activated (even if they are rechargeable batteries), they are not allowed to be turned on.Now you can remove the key so you don't have to use the laser while the key is hanging, which is a good security feature for those who don't want children or any unauthorized person to use them.For untrained or inexperienced people, they may use lasers in dangerous or wrong ways. Its scope is simple, such as looking down when opening the aperture (it is dangerous for the eyes), aiming at a friend, or aiming at something worse (more dangerous and illegal), such as an airplane or a motor vehicle.In this case, when the laser cannot be monitored all the time and you have concerns, just use a laser pointer with a key switch safety mechanism to completely eliminate these concerns.Therefore, depending on your situation, whether it is a classroom, home, office, or laboratory; the key switch may be essential, but it seems too large for most everyday users.This will depend on the laser you plan to use. If you want to use a laser pointer to point out the content on the classroom blackboard or projector, the simple AAA laser pointer style may be the best choice.You can use it simply and intermittently through the buttons on the body. You do need to hold the button, but for this short-term switch, this may be your best choice.If you plan to turn on the laser for a longer period of time (for example, 20 seconds or more) at a time, or you want to use it outdoors and in the wild, the tail cap button is better. The attraction behind the tail cover button is that you can turn on the laser and it will stay on.You don't need to hold down the button to keep the laser working. This means you can open it and use a closer beam, or move to another area where the laser remains active.For users, this is a good choice and a typical choice. You will notice that almost all high-power combustion lasers use rear cover button switches.For example: HTTPS://

What makes a laser pointer burning

Post on: October 21,2020
Today, there are hundreds of different types of lasers and laser pointers online. Therefore, if you need high-power equipment on the market, you may ask yourself: "What makes a laser pointer eligible to burn a laser?" Here, we will study various types of handheld lasers and determine whether the laser can burn Factors, please continue reading.One:Output power (MW or Watt)Best burning laser pointerThis is the most important factor in determining whether a single laser is a combustion unit (rather than beam color). Today, today's lasers can rise from less than 5 MW to 5000 MW or 5 watts, which means knowing where the combustion threshold is, and this threshold is usually at least 100 MW. This means that any laser below 100 megawatts will be forced to burn anything and will not be completely eliminated. Any laser over 100 megawatts will be considered a combustion device, but not all lasers are the same. The higher the megawatt power, the stronger the burning ability, so if 100 megawatts of power can only pop a black balloon and light a match, you will not be able to cut the tape. You need 500 megawatts or more of power to get the maximum burning capacity. The greater the power, the better the distance and combustion effect.Two:Laser style and burning abilityTherefore, since we know that at least 100 megawatts of power are required, and the higher the power, the better the combustion performance, so we need to study different types of lasers. Generally speaking, AAA battery-powered pen or key-chain lasers are almost never regarded as burning lasers. Many of them are low power, about 5 megawatts, which means they will be visible and useful, but cannot light matches or pop balloons. Large batteries using rechargeable batteries constitute almost all lasers that are classified as burning. Therefore, be sure to check the main body and battery of any unit. If this pen is powered by AAA batteries, it may not be a high-power combustion laser.Three : Misrepresentation and burningIn addition, the cheapest lasers do not use infrared filters, which means that their power readings are not only incorrect but also inaccurate. Since the device without the filter will emit visible light and invisible light at the same time, its power reading is higher than the actual visible light. By using infrared filters, we can ensure that the beam is inherently safe and you can get accurate power readings. For us, a 100mW green laser at 532nm is actually a 100mW green laser. No invisible light will distort the reading.

Most best laser in our daily use

Post on: September 27,2020
  At present, laser technology has made great progress in many aspects.Whether for a specific application or some other reason, we can see the laser beam during the day and night, and some specifications are required.  Like flashlights or car headlights, no matter the color or beam intensity exceeds 1 milliwatt, the laser can be seen very clearly at night, in the dark or at dusk.  Since many lasers have an activation power of 100 megawatts, visibility at night is very clear. Use it during the day, but you must use higher power.  The 532nm green laser pointer is the brightest color that the human eye can see. When it comes to visibility during the day, you would expect it to be paired with a green beam.  Under the same megawatt power, the brightness of the green laser is 5-7 times that of other lasers.  200mW is the starting point of the beam that can be seen during the real day. The higher the power of the laser pointer, the better the visibility.  At least 200 MW is a good starting point to shoot trees or shooting ranges. But the greater the intensity, the better the effect during the day.  It is also a wise choice to use a laser that can widen or thin the beam for focus adjustment.  By making the beam thinner or more concentrated, the intensity of the beam can be increased. This will make it more visible during the day.  The specific laser you should consider depends on a few things, that is, the specific application you will use it for.If you are a tree planter or landscape designer, you will want something green, high-energy, and can easily point out the branches and branches you want to remove or trim.  For other applications, such as presentations, you can choose something with a lower power, because there is no doubt that you will use a laser on the blackboard or whiteboard projection screen, so you can be lighter. No matter where you are directly facing the sun, if you are unsure, it is wiser to use high power than low power.  At the same intensity, green will be the brightest laser beam color, and 200mW is the minimum starting point for outdoor use.  Remember, the higher the microwave power, the greater the laser intensity required to use the laser during the day, and the longer the use distance, the better.  All the laser question,can tell us,we can help you better.

Non-lethal control of goose and pests by high-power laser

Post on: September 12,2020
Nowadays, high-power laser pointers are not only used to illuminate games and balloons.There are many loads in the real world that use bright laser beams to achieve specific goals.It started from search and rescue, construction, drilling, mining, etc. Nowadays, lasers in various ways are used more and more.The number of homeowners and airports using powerful green lasers as pest control equipment is increasing, especially to drive geese.The best choice is the green laser pointer. Because the 532nm green laser is the brightest color in the human eye, the green laser is 5-10 times brighter than any other laser color.Therefore, a 100 MW green laser is much brighter than a 100 MW blue, red or violet laser.In addition, since the repellent is completed during the day, you need a high-brightness laser pointer, otherwise it will not have a great impact on them.When a bright laser beam hits a flock of geese, only one of them needs to be frightened to signal that the entire flock is running away.This means you don't have to cover the entire flock. The bright laser beam hits birds that they don't recognize, so they instinctively run away, which will shock the birds.This is also a non-lethal and harmless method.In laser pest control, homeowners also account for a large proportion.Even some goose excrement often pollutes lawns and property. This means that if you are tired of seeing goose droppings step on it, then a powerful laser beam is the humanized solution you want.

High-power laser pointers in daily life

Post on: August 26,2020
By 2020, lasers and laser pens will be more common in modern life than ever before.They come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the more common uses might actually surprise you. Here we will learn about the three most common uses of today's most powerful handheld lasers.1. AstronomyHigh-power astronomical laserTo you, this may seem effortless, but there is no better tool for gazing at the stars than bright lasers and telescopes. Observatories and astronomers around the world use this diode-pumped solid-state light to better point out specific constellations and points of interest in the incredible night sky. As technology becomes more accessible, amateur astronomers can also easily buy and use it. The green laser pointer is best for stargazing at night and should be regarded as an integral part of the astronomy toolkit.2. Search and rescueUsually, when we think of search and rescue personnel, we think of helicopters and ships helping people in need under the worst conditions. Today, these teams use high-power laser pointers to guide their life-saving work in a variety of ways. One method is to be able to target specific areas or individuals that need the most care from the air or sea. Similarly, if people find themselves lost in the wilderness and are conducting search and rescue operations, in many cases, strong lasers can be seen for up to 20 miles at night, which makes the possibility of detection and rescue higher. Every life-saving professional knows this value, it can cover long distances.3. Illuminate matches and pop up balloonsWhere to buy high-power laser pointerIn your opinion, this sounds a bit like "stranger things", but in fact, one of the most common uses of high-power laser pointers in the world today is to conduct interesting experiments on matches, balloons, tape, and other materials. When used with experienced hands, the burning laser can accomplish a variety of different things. Some videos even depict balloons popping up with more than 30 balloons arranged in a row. If you see such a video, you may start to understand why lasers are useful tools, but they are also very interesting.In the search for everyday technology, knowing where to buy a high-power laser pointer is the next trick. Since most websites are from China and do not have any support or control, finding websites from legitimate sellers can be a daunting task. is your best choice.

50000mw Laser Pointer-Most Powerful Laser Pointer

Post on: August 14,2020
Are you looking for a high-power laser pointer? 10000mw? 30000mw?These are not enough. I believe many sellers are not very satisfied with the low-power and medium-power laser pointers they have. Currently the highest power is 50000mw.At the request of the majority of fans, we developed some new products of 50000mw to give back to fans. Fans can get some important information about the new products through this article.These high-power laser pointers are already on the website, and they are currently our most recommended category: must try our new product: 50000mw ultra-high power laser pointer.It is divided into red light, blue light, green light, purple light, and the colors are all super beautiful. When you turn on the button, it is really amazing.On the other hand, high-power laser pointers have great battery requirements, so you may need to buy a better battery when you buy a laser pointer, so that you can better feel the 50,000mw laser pointer. The impact is really worth buying.The last and most important point is that you must use a high-power laser pointer while wearing goggles, and do not shoot the laser pointer directly into the eyes of people. It will cause certain damage.And 50000mW laser pointer is featuring low power consumption and long hours of continuous run time.High power 50000mw laser pointer is the world's most powerful laser pointer.

Green Laser Pointer(2)

Post on: November 04,2019
Today we want introduce something about the laser's best of tech.Green laser line generating laser alignment belongs to the latest developed product. By adopting primary import glass coated cylindrical lens and laser diode, it always assures the longest laser line generation of 6 meters in distance. Usually 3-5 meters targeting distance can get the best line alignment result.This green laser line is specially designed with fix focus. After proper selection of lens degree, output power and targeting distance, this laser alignment will make the best line generation result at give working distance. It is always equipped with high performance ACC driving electric circuit board. It has featured advantages of high stability, high reliability, strong anti interference, and long serving lifetime.This green line laser alignment projects laser beam in special uniform distribution non gauss light. It can be customized with laser fan angle of 5°,10°,30°,45°,60°,90°, 120°. This advanced alignment laser is widely used industrial devices, precise machinery processing, measurement devices, image treatment system, textile cloth processing etc.By adoption of the finest quality green laser diode with glass window design, this green laser line generating laser alignment tool utilizes production skills and tech of telecommunication lasers into industrial laser production. The produced high performance green line laser alignment has just got incomparable advantages in various industrial line generating fields.

Use Laser Pointer In Winter

Post on: September 29,2019
When the laser pen is in formal work, it always requires a certain operating environment. Typically, it is acceptable for operating temperatures from 10 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Some special laser pointers may work at operating temperatures in the 0-40 degrees Celsius or lower operating temperature range.Preheating the laser tube is important when the operating temperature of the laser pointer is much lower than expected. In particular, the head of the laser pointer should be preheated in the jacket or hand. If the laser pointer is activated in an indoor working environment, it will return to a formal or near formal working environment.In the winter when the working environment is low, the laser beam emission is always very weak at the beginning of the startup, dim and not bright. After continuous pointing (usually after 10 seconds), the laser beam brightness returns to normal. When the operating temperature is quite low, the laser operator should preheat the laser pointer. Low temperatures can seriously affect the normal operation of the laser pointer.Heavy fog sometimes occurs in winter, and laser operators should pay special attention to the operating environment. The user should prevent atomized dust from adhering to the lens of the laser pointer, thereby affecting the quality of the laser spot, which indirectly affects the thermal efficiency of the beam.Especially below zero temperature, the light of the laser pointer may appear weak or even impossible to start. In the winter, laser users should pay special attention to the surrounding environment to ensure the official operation of the laser pointer.Therefore, be sure to protect the laser.
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