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  • KREE UKing ZQ-j8 10000MW 445nm 3-Mode Zoomable 5-in-1 Blue Laser Pointer

    Date Added: 28/12/2017 by Bobby Psenka

    Hi,there.I got my laser yesterday.Shipping was very fast,which gave me a big surprise.Now I wanna to share something with you about this product that I purchased from the company.After testing its output power,the actual power is not 10W.I know it is normal.The solid construction seems very durable.Tight and super bright focused light beam makes me very satisfied.In a word,it may be the most powerful laser that I hav... View More

  • 2000mw 5-in-1 532nm Super High-power Green Laser Pointer Pen Black

    Date Added: 16/09/2017 by Tariq Khwaja

    Hey there, I just received my package.Fast shipping gave me a surprise.Awesome laser!It came in a very delicated case,I like it at the first sight.I put in fully-charged 18650 battery,the laser works fantastically. There's a very bright visible ray of light! I would love to give it five stars and look forward to purchasing more from your company.

  • 1000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Silver Gray

    Date Added: 15/09/2017 by Kim Knight

    Amazing laser pen!It is probably the strongest and brightest color that you could get,especially for a 532nm laser.The laser beam itself reaches probably a half mile under what the website description says,but it is an awesome laser.The solid construction seems very durable. I'd recommend buying this one, especially for the price and the quality. I'd give this laser a 10/10 and would definitely recommend it to anyone... View More

  • 50mw 532nm Laser Single-point USB Charge Green Laser Pointer Pen Black

    Date Added: 14/09/2017 by Thomas Hauch

    Just got my laser today, came with a built-in lithium battery,charged by USB,very convenient.I use it in my teaching and lectures,a wonderful helper!Focused light beam,super bright,it's worthwhile in terms of the price and high quality.

  • 1000mW 532nm Separate Crystal Attack Head Green Laser Pointer Pen Black

    Date Added: 27/08/2017 by Antwan Wright

    The price is a little high,but I don't care,because this laser pen is indeed of great quality.

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