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300MW Professional Red Light Laser Pointer with Box (CR123A Lithium Battery) Black

Date Added: March 13,2018 by Kastel swift

The laser pointer pen is a great value as well as a great tool. I use it in trainings, so I don't have to get fingerprints on a person's screen. It is also handy when giving presentations on a projector screen.

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500mw 405nm Purple Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 12,2018 by Melvin Brush

The Laser Pointer arrived quickly and was I was impressed with the Violet Beam (line) that appears at night.
Very cool!!!

With the Violet Beam it has to be in a darker environment, without other lights around.

I went to a park with a lot of trees and that did not have lights near me and it was very cool :-)

Thank you!!!

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1mW 650nm Beam Red Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: March 11,2018 by Jayden Watson

Cool little toy but needs instructions . i won't charge the battery in fear it will not auto shut off. battery goes in backwards of any American flash light or laser.. to use the laser focus must be set every time or it just looks like a flash light

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100mW 532nm Steel Green Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 10,2018 by Winter Johansson

Not bad at all for the price! It's actually great for the price! No complaints whatsoever! Haven't used it enough to drain the battery but it's lasted a while and is strong too!

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UKing ZQ-J32 5mw 532nm&650nm Green&Red Double Light laser Pointer CE FCC ROHS FDA

Date Added: March 09,2018 by Barack welsh

The green laser is very bright, beam is clearly visible at night. I suspect it's brighter than advertised. It still suffers from bad divergence, but not to the degree of the red laser.Red laser eye-catching green laser, this conversion is very interesting design. I wouldn't expect to do any burning with these, but they are still quite fun.

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2000mW 532nm Green Beam Single-point Aluminum Laser Pointer Pen Kit

Date Added: March 08,2018 by Zooey

This laser is exactly what I was looking for , it's so bright and the tips work great. Seriously be careful though , don't stare at the dot or put anything in front of it that you want to burn lol

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2000mW 532nm Laser Pointer Pen Kit Green Beam Light Separate Crystal

Date Added: March 07,2018 by Cora Celtic

Pros: Green is amazing, visible point in daylight and visible beam at night. Blue is harder to see but when it got REALLY dark on my camping trip it was better than the green because the green was actually TOO bright for looking at stars and made it harder for my eyes to adjust. Price was very good for what you get, laser power is quite strong.

Cons: Blue laser is only really fun if you're out looking at stars and it's really dark out, otherwise it's not as good of a "toy" as the green one. The end is supposed to focus somehow, but don't count on that actually doing anything.

Thoughts: If you want 3 good lasers for the stars, this is a good set because the blue one is less intense for pointing at stars if you're camping in a nice dark viewing area. If you want 3 bright lasers all the time, the same seller has a Green/Red/Blue 3 pack that would better suit you and is a good set.

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200mW 532nm 303 Focus and Kaleidoscopic Flashlight Green Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 06,2018 by Alex Latin

The dot alone lights up a dark room. You can see the beam in the house even in the day time. Especially if you have a fog machine or if you vape. It's crazy strong in fog.Enjoy this very much.

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UKing ZQ-012L 30000mW 532nm Green Beam 4-Mode Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen Kit

Date Added: March 05,2018 by Max Arabic

I have researched a few of these lasers before buying and this is the one to get! This laser will qucikly burn a hole in paper when focused properly. which can also include physically moving the laser in and out from your target, besides rotating the focusing ring.
Started a wood fire in my fire pit the other night from igniting a gas soaked piece of tissue paper with this laser! LOL...

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20mW 405nm Power Blue-violet Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 03,2018 by Caleb Kent

About as good as the first one I ordered. This one had a small speck on the lens but I was able to clean it off. Fun item to have, use, and show.

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5 in 1 50mW 532nm Mid-open Kaleidoscopic Green Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 02,2018 by Ryan Longman

Great laser! I can easily see the beam. It is great for stargazing. It feels sturdy and it arrived a day early. I wish the beam was focusable, but it was not advertised as focusable so I can not be too upset.

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1mw 650nm Red Laser Pointer Pen Laser Beam Single-point

Date Added: March 01,2018 by Josiah Latin

I bought 2 of these and both are of good quality. 1 has just a tiny bit more bright than the other but both are fine for my use. I have recommended this product to other coworkers.

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5mW 650nm Mid-open Red Laser Pointer Pen with 2AAA Battery

Date Added: February 28,2018 by Jaxon Hand

This laser is as beautiful as a star twinkling, teasing my cute little boy, yes my kitten.

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50mW 650nm Ultra Mid-open Red Laser Pointer

Date Added: February 27,2018 by Kirs Bull

I use these for presentations, and at night for my astronomy sky safari. very good quality. does not drain the battery which is good if you dont use it every day.

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400mW 532nm Green USB Rechargeable Fine Copper Laser Pointer

Date Added: February 26,2018 by Joshua Hebrew

I like the design of this charging, USB cable to save the battery, lol...but also more convenient.

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500mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Kit Zooming Starry Sky Beam Light

Date Added: February 25,2018 by Luke Greek

Its awesome works great brightness is amazing but the batterys go dead really fast.

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10mW 532nm Mid-open Green Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: February 24,2018 by David

This wattage laser pointer is used to indicate the best blackboard text.

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UKing ZQ-J33 200mw 532nm&450nm Green&Blue Double Light laser Pointer CE FCC ROHS FDA

Date Added: February 23,2018 by Matthew Sharp

I am very happy with this item. So are my kids!!!! They don't get to play with them because I'm afraid they will hurt each other's eyes so they chase the light. The cat? She is a kitten but knows she can't get the lights so she don't care about it much. Lol not the kids. They would chase it for hours Thank you A satisfied continual customer! Buy batteries WITH charger. Uses them kind of fast but we are having fun.

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5000mw 450nm High-power Blue Light Focus Laser Pointer

Date Added: February 22,2018 by Alexander

Hey guys, this is really fun, these five heads make my laser more cool, I particulary liked the turning kaleidoscope provided.

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10000mW Green Laser Pointer Suit High Power Attacked Head

Date Added: February 21,2018 by Oliver German

very powerfull, even in daylight, very visible beam, burns matches and pops balloons, good quality. Battery and charger included, good price. cons: dangerously powerfull.

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