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  • 500mw 405nm Purple Laser Pointer

    Date Added: 12/03/2018 by Melvin Brush

    The Laser Pointer arrived quickly and was I was impressed with the Violet Beam (line) that appears at night. Very cool!!! With the Violet Beam it has to be in a darker environment, without other lights around. I went to a park with a lot of trees and that did not have lights near me and it was very cool :-) Thank you!!!

  • 20mW 405nm Power Blue-violet Laser Pointer

    Date Added: 03/03/2018 by Caleb Kent

    About as good as the first one I ordered. This one had a small speck on the lens but I was able to clean it off. Fun item to have, use, and show.

  • UKing ZQ-J33 200mw 532nm&450nm Green&Blue Double Light laser Pointer CE FCC ROHS FDA

    Date Added: 23/02/2018 by Matthew Sharp

    I am very happy with this item. So are my kids!!!! They don't get to play with them because I'm afraid they will hurt each other's eyes so they chase the light. The cat? She is a kitten but knows she can't get the lights so she don't care about it much. Lol not the kids. They would chase it for hours Thank you A satisfied continual customer! Buy batteries WITH charger. Uses them kind of fast but we are having fun.

  • 5000mw 450nm High-power Blue Light Focus Laser Pointer

    Date Added: 22/02/2018 by Alexander

    Hey guys, this is really fun, these five heads make my laser more cool, I particulary liked the turning kaleidoscope provided.

  • UKing ZQ-J37 2000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Single-Point 2-model Burning Laser Pointer with CE FCC ROHS FDA Certificate

    Date Added: 19/02/2018 by Mason French

    It's powerful, very powerful. It also comes with a kind of five cover cap which divides the main light in hundreds of "mini" laser light . (every single "mini" laser lights are very strong) When you turn the cap and take it off, you can see the main and powerful bule light.. And it reaches long distances that I haven't actually spot how far they get because it's a kind of "infinite". (not joking). Cons: None so far,... View More

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