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  • 2000mW 532nm Green Beam Single-point Aluminum Laser Pointer Pen Kit

    Date Added: 08/03/2018 by Zooey

    This laser is exactly what I was looking for , it's so bright and the tips work great. Seriously be careful though , don't stare at the dot or put anything in front of it that you want to burn lol

  • 2000mW 532nm Laser Pointer Pen Kit Green Beam Light Separate Crystal

    Date Added: 07/03/2018 by Cora Celtic

    Pros: Green is amazing, visible point in daylight and visible beam at night. Blue is harder to see but when it got REALLY dark on my camping trip it was better than the green because the green was actually TOO bright for looking at stars and made it harder for my eyes to adjust. Price was very good for what you get, laser power is quite strong. Cons: Blue laser is only really fun if you're out looking at stars and i... View More

  • UKing ZQ-J37 2000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Single-Point 2-model Burning Laser Pointer with CE FCC ROHS FDA Certificate

    Date Added: 19/02/2018 by Mason French

    It's powerful, very powerful. It also comes with a kind of five cover cap which divides the main light in hundreds of "mini" laser light . (every single "mini" laser lights are very strong) When you turn the cap and take it off, you can see the main and powerful bule light.. And it reaches long distances that I haven't actually spot how far they get because it's a kind of "infinite". (not joking). Cons: None so far,... View More

  • 2000mW High Power Attacked Head Green Light Laser Pointer

    Date Added: 30/11/2017 by Sandra Gordon

    Great,it's very very good, I'm satisfied with this products, I will let my friends to buy another one.

  • 2000mW High Power Attacked Head Blue Laser Pointer

    Date Added: 26/10/2017 by Liron Margani

    Truly,a worthy product for the money I paid.Easy to use,resistent and tough.Here I shared a story with you.I was attacked by a robber when I was walking along the road.Luckily,the laser pointer was on my hand at that time.I hit that bad guy 3-5 times on the back of head.It did not bend at all,having no effect on later using.Of course,I will not recommend this usage,but it does play a role in some emernency.

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